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Kalundborg Autoteknik offers the following:

TIRE/RIMS: Quality tires and rims at low prices.

OILCHANGE: We always have all the filters and oils for cars that drive on Danish roads, if we do not have it in stock, we can always get it.

SERVICE: At Kalundborg Autoteknik we offer service inspection for all cars, the inspection includes full car inspection and oil change for only 995, - incl. oil filter + 4L quality oil, coolant, brake fluid, servo fluid and washer fluid.

EXHAUSTS: We always have exhausts for most cars in stock, if we do not have it in stock, we can always get it.

AIRCONDITIONSERVICE: We service all air conditioning systems on all cars at attractive prices.

GLASS CHANGE: We replace all types of windows on all cars at low prices.

REPAIRS: At Kalundborg Autoteknik perform all kinds of repairs on all vehicles, such as timing belt, clutch or brake. We always think about safety, price and quality, so you can make sure your car is always in safe hands.

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